Leadership Development for Clients Nationwide

The world needs leaders now more than ever. Leaders with the vision to guide our way, the courage to calm our fears; and the compassion to soothe our grief. Leaders with the strength to overcome what appears to be unimaginable. Leaders who refuse to surrender until the impossible becomes the achievable . This cannot be accomplished by a mere change of attitude or will power. It requires nothing less than a transformation within the Cor (the heart) of leaders.


What We Offer

The name says it all.
Cor (Heart) Spring (Season of Awakenings and New Beginnings)

CorSpring is a place to be nourished. A place to learn, grow, become more…. better....greater... by  providing  a series of experiences to help guide you there….wherever you are going. 


If you are a CEO of a large corporation, a small business owner, or a government leader,

this experience is meant for you

If you are a successful executive wanting to break through to the next level, or a new leader at a non-profit who worries you do not know enough,

you have come to the right place

If you are a law enforcement leader who is  struggling with the change you see in the world, or a government administrator who is facing retaliation for trying to do the right thing,

you are exactly where you need to be

Through a series of four audio recorded  phases, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself as a leader and as a human being. Written with brutal honesty, irreverent humor, real life experience, and practical advice, The Leadership Experience brings a unique and non traditional approach to leadership development.


Private Sessions

There are times leaders need a safe place to talk, to vent, to explore possibilities. Moments when you are not sure which decision to make, which road to take, or if you should turn around and try something new. you sometimes get discouraged, hurt, disenchanted, overwhelmed, or afraid. Other days you just need a trusted confidante to talk to, to be listened to. Some days you struggle  with the responsibilities of it all. Other days, you may just need some technical advice on how to do something.

Private sessions are one on one,  fifty minute conversations, (if you need that long) to talk about whatever is on your mind, heart, or leadership plate.