Lisa Waddell


Lisa Waddell began her career as an investigative research assistant through a federal government grant, where she was trained in investigative techniques. She transitioned into the private sector to become the Director of Operations for a thriving private investigation firm. She later went on to work as a District Manager for a large retail department store chain, an Acquisitions Manager in the restaurant industry, and a Membership and Promotions Manager for a locally owned Golf Course.

All of this by the time she was 32 years old. Everyone watching saw nothing but success. Everyone, that is, but her. Over the next twenty years, she became a domestic violence advocate, a public speaker, and a government trainer in customer service. She administered a background investigative unit for a law enforcement agency and worked for a non-profit Senior Recruiter and Human Resource Director.

After three decades of searching...something was still missing.

Lisa began reexamining her life, her career, and her relationships. She began to make changes ... big ones. And she documented every step. Suddenly it began to make sense.

In 2013 she accepted a position in which her primary duties were leadership development and civil rights investigations. Lisa knew she had found what she had been looking for.

In 2016 CorSpring was born. Lisa began to create and develop the Experiences based on the journals she had kept for so long. In 2020 CorSpring became a reality, beginning with the release of the first Experience {Leadership}, with several more planned in the future.