Through a series of four audio recorded phases, containing a total of thirteen chapters, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself as a leader and as a human being. Written with brutal honesty, irreverent humor, real life experience, and practical advice, the Leadership Experience brings a unique and non traditional approach to leadership development.

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Phase 1

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Phase One introduces the Leadership Experience by challenging long held beliefs about what leadership is. It answers the questions: Are Leaders born or are they made? Is leadership a title or a state of being? Are there certain character traits required to be a leader? Why do so many leaders fail? How does the culture of an organization affect the role of a leader?

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Phase 2


Phase 2 takes a deep dive into the 3 V’s of Leadership. The Vision, The Virtue, and the Valor. What makes a visionary leader successful? Is it possible to sell a dream? Does integrity change with circumstance?What’s the difference between taking risks and being courageous? When does compromise become unethical? A thought provoking look into the heart of the leader.

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Phase 3


Phase three concentrates on the sacrifices leadership sometimes requires and the holistic conditioning of the body, heart, and soul. Phase three offers specific exercises and suggestions of daily routines that take just seconds a day to keep you ready and steady to face whatever comes.

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Phase 4: The Faith, The Fidelity, The Fairness


In the final phase we will explore faith in ourselves and what it means to be a faithful leader, define the fidelity required to become a great leader, and how to mete out our attention and resources fairly. You will also be left with some final words of advice to send you on your journey.

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A thirty minute private consultation with the purchase with The Leadership Experience Phase 1

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